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Swimming Pool Maintenance Services

Keeping your swimming pool crystal clear!

Swan Custom Pools is your premier provider of swimming pool maintenance and other services related to swimming pool equipment and surroundings. We will provide you a clean, clear, and well-maintained swimming pool year around depending on your needs. Your time is money, let Swan Custom Pools take care of the pool and rest assured your investment will be protected!
Choose a maintenance plan that is right for you!
Services Included: Gold Level Platinum Level
1) Brush the walls, tiles, and steps.
2) Vacuum the pool (as needed)
3) Net the pool surface
4) Empty all pump trap baskets
5) Empty all skimmer baskets
6) Empty the pool cleaner bag
7) Backwash the filter (1x/month for D.E. filters)
8) Water chemistry analysis
9) Balance Chemicals (includes ALL chemicals needed)
10) Check equipment for visible problems, pump, salt cell, filter, time clocks, freeze guards, etc
11) Leave a note detailing the visit including water chemistry
12) Professional bi-annual complete filter cleans

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Material Selection Help

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